Feeling So At Home

Feeling so at home with
the bird,
the wave,
and the wind.

Full of the wonder of how to be at home with
the litter,
the freeway,
and the bridge.

Feeling so at home with
the lost sweater,
the smell of the eucalyptus trees,
the wind at my back
my feet wet with dew.

Feeling so at home.

  -ryl brock wilson

Notes - When in Berkeley June 2017 for the Mediate Your Life intensive, I did a morning "wander" down at the Aquatic Park, noticing things and taking pictures. Still, all part of my usual experience and then the poetry came. I had to stop moving, stop looking around and simply start typing into my phone. The poem above has been revised a bit from the rough capture pond side. And these are some of the photos.